Nat Kukina
graphic designer
@natawerner almost everywhere

The city of the sun

The City of the Sun is a film by Maria Semenova about a christian cult in Siberia. The leader of the cult claims to be the new reincarnation of Jesus and gathers loyal followers around him who refer to him as the Teacher. The film follows a story of one family and their involvment with the cult.

Rima Zamzam

Rima Zamzam is a multimedia artist who works mostly with installation in which she uses found objects, hair and various liquids and gels. Her practice is very self-centered and explores physicality, beauty standards and anxiety. On the poster for her I wanted mostly to reflect her visual language and show that her persona is what her works revolve around, so her surname is placed on the poster written in gel and occupies almost the entire page. The supporting information is meant to flow together with the gel writing and create the effect of sliding and movement.

Rina Efanova

This poster for Arina Efanova's graduation project at BHSAD and is tightly related to her body of work. Her media is film and she works with found footage of a Russian news anchor Ekaterina Andreeva. On my poster I’ve chosen to place a screenshot from Arina’s work – it’s a noisy image of Ekaterina Andreeva who is screaming. However, you can only see her face if you’re looking at the poster from afar due to the graininess of the picture. Typography on this poster imitates standard subtitles (Arina uses subtitles in her work because she is working with patchworked found audio as well). Apart from the information about the exhibition (that is styled as non-speech elements of subtitles) there is a poem on the poster that is a part of Arina’s project. It consists of found textual fragments and gives them new meaning, so by aligning the text in this fashion I am creating even more ways of reading of the text because of accidental grouping of words from different lines.


‘Daughters’ is a series of screenprints based on a project my mother worked on when she was studying tapestry design. In her sketchbook, I found endless studies which were almost indistinguishable from one another, built following strict rules enforced by the institution she was studying in. My screenprints re-enact this process in an even more mechanical form. I’ve chosen one of her finished designs which, however, was never produced as a tapestry and by sucessively rotating each colour plate in multiples of ninety degrees I genereated sixty-four unique variants out of four colours.

Rietveld Moscow website

‘We begin with a squiggle’ is a collaborative workshop between Rietveld graphic design department and graphic design students and graduates from Moscow held at MMOMA education center. This website is an Open Call for candidates from Moscow to apply for the workshop. This project is a collaboration with Vasily Dyakonov.

ты тоже

ты тоже is a feminist zine we published with Lesya Kuranova. We wanted this zine to be a place where young women could share their experience and thoughts on topics like sex, dating, body image, standards of the fashion industry etc.
All the material in the zine was created specifically for it, we worked with over ten girls on creating it. The zine consists of three folios, each one has a theme and features three texts and a poster-illustration on the back side. All the authors of the publication are listed on the back cover.

Printed on riso A3 → A5. Edition of 100.

All sales proceeds go to the Sisters (Сёстры) foundry supporting sexual assault victims.
link to buy

Констатация Конституции

This project was made for the students competition of Chaumont design biennale of Graphic design.
Constitution Constatation is a performance event where a group of people gather together to read the Constitution of Russian Federation out loud. While the text is read out the participants are filling out the forms where they an answer a question “Do you think this proverb is performed in real life and followed by the government?” about each proverb of the Constitution.

We made this project in collaboration with Martin Lezhenin.

Project website


This project is part of a collaborative magazine with interviews. My interview is with a russian musician, illustrator and designer Jan Marzipan (Ivan Tatarinov).

A4, 6 pages. Edition of 20.

BHSAD Film club

A collection of posters created for BHSAD Film Club hosted weekly by the Graphic Design students.

Info about dates of new screenings on instagram @graphicdesign_bhsad.

Silent video

Video project dedicated to the topic of visual noise of the city. More specifically – an abundance of Russian flags in Moscow. Video shows how an object originally carrying a lot of symbolism can become absolutely meaningless due to repetition.


Calendar pages made during a collaborative project with EKA GD department in Tallinn. The calendar uses vernacular imagery and typography as an inspiration, every student was working with one month and two images as their sources.
Inspiration for my typography was taken from a street ad about short-term room rent, and the source of my image layer was a photo of a speed-bump that got distorted by the pressure.

A3, 18 pages. Edition of 60.

What you see is not always what you get

Taxonomy of categorised and rendered images from newspapers from MSU Biology department herbarium, where they use newspaper to wrap plants. Herbarium recycles over 2 tons of newspaper every year. This publication takes an attempt at structuring visual material from this mass of wasted information.


A series of posters for a public talk by Lugemik publishing house.
Made in collaboration with Lesya Kuranova and Vasiliy Dyakonov.

video with all the posters

A3. Edition of 45.

100 complications of pregnancy

This zine is an alphabetical list of 100 possible complications that can occur during or after pregnancy.

A5. Edition of 5.

Crushed Lollipop VIP

Animated music video for a song “Crushed Lollipop VIP” by the Astral Plane.


A series of posters with a proposal for a Far East Hectare government project (Дальнеосточный гектар). The idea of the proposal is to install 23 monuments in shape of human figures on 1 square kilometre. 23 is the average density of population in Russia. There are 11 male and 12 female figures, according to the proportion of Russian population.
As the government is trying to populate the deserted areas of the country but does it in quite a straightforward way I decided to complete the Far East Hectare project with an absurd and very formalist proposal.


A tote bag design using Transgender Grotesque, a font by Alexander Cherepanov.

Silkscreen. Edition of 30.

Face Book

A publication rendering "Pattern recognition", a book by William Gibson, through stock imagery. Every name mentioned in a book is assigned a picture from a correlating search request on Shutterstock. Images fall into three categories: grayscale (actual character in the book), half-tone (character mentioned by a character in a book) and full-color (real people mentioned by the character of the book). Images are printed in order of the appearance of the name in the book.